How To Choose The Right Coffee Maker For You

There is no doubt that having a coffee machine in your home is going to make your morning way more pleasant, and having one with a timer to give you piping hot coffee when you wake up, priceless! From a simple 2 cup cheap machine to the very expensive, there is a machine out there to suit you and your family’s needs. Choosing one from the thousands of available models may be your hardest job.

Start by considering how many people will be having coffee in the morning, and then decide if you are a connoisseur or just someone that wants a quick coffee in the morning. For a no frills coffee machine you should be able to get away with paying $20-$50, that will give you a machine that will make straight coffee and look good in your kitchen.

These machines are considered drip brewers. They make a good cup of coffee, if the water is heated right, but the one problem with them is that the coffee left in the pot quickly becomes old and nasty tasting because it sits on a hot plate. Making only the amount you will drink in 30 minutes will be ok. For a decent drip brewer, you might want to consider a KitchenAid coffee maker although not the cheapest they are certainly a popular and stylish choice.

Another choice of machine would be the percolator; this machine just boils away on the stove. Not for the connoisseur but would be ok if you are going camping. For a good coffee you might want to consider the French press, this is a simple glass jug that you put your favorite coffee into, you boil your water in a kettle and then pour the water over the grounds.

The lid comes with a plunger, and after leaving the coffee to brew for 3-4 minutes, you push down the plunger and pour your coffee. It gives one of the nicest cups of coffee you will have. Of course if you have a houseful of people, it’s not your best option, but just for you, excellent choice and only around $15-$40.

Lastly there are the espresso or cappuccino machines, these make only those types of coffee, but if it’s what you like the best, then it’s the machine for you. Generally starting over $100 and can go to several hundred dollars, you will need to appreciate these coffee machines to think of buying one. An example of an inexpensive espresso machine is the Saeco magic comfort. At the end of the day though, it really comes down to your taste and what you like, what works for one may not work for another, that’s why we have so many to choose from!

PeteHow To Choose The Right Coffee Maker For You