How To Choose The Right Puppy Play Pen

What do puppies, small dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs all have in common (besides being animals)?  They are all good candidates for pet pens.  Not only are pens good for the animals listed above, they may also function for some larger dogs and pet birds and tortoises.  Pet exercise pens are made of a number of flat panels that are assembled to form a multisided octagon; some brands assemble together to form a square or rectangle instead of an octagon.  The panels come in various heights-this is what makes them such a good idea for so many pets.  The most common colors for pet exercise pens are Gold Zinc and Black Finish.

There are three important things to consider when selecting a pet pen: the size and jumping habits of your pet, whether you want young children to interact with your pet in the pen, and the quality of the materials used to construct the pen.  First of all, consider the size and jumping habits of your pet.  If your pet is tall, or a jumper, then choosing a pet exercise pen that has high sides would be better.  If you would like your pet to be able interact with children, either in the pen or over the pen panels, then a pen with lower sides would be better for you.  The last thing that is important to consider is the quality of the materials.  Indicators that the quality is not good include coating that you can peel off or sharp edges on any of the panels.

In order to keep your pet safe and minimize property damage, there are few things to remember.  The most important is not to leave your pet unattended for long periods of time.  Also, do not leave your pet in direct sunlight or where predator animals could pose a threat to your pet.  To minimize damage to your carpet or floor from accidents when using the pet exercise pen indoors, put something under the pen to protect your floor.  If you are using the pet exercise pen outdoors, be sure to use the ground anchors that came with your pen.  These anchors reduce the chance that your pet will tip over the pen or escape underneath the pen.  If your pen did not come equipped with ground anchors, you can purchase them at the pet supply store where you bought your puppy play pen.

A great addition to keep your pet safely in and others safely out of your pet exercise pen is a wire top.  When the pet exercise pen is assembled in the shape of a square (versus the traditional octagon shape), a wire top can be purchased and attached to the top of the pen.  These wire tops are available for purchase where you bought your pen.  The wire top keeps your pet safely in the pen and others, especially young children and other pets, out of the pen.  Note: in order to use a wire top, your exercise pen must consist of eight panels and each panel must be two feet wide.

Traveling with your pet just got easier thanks to your pet  pen!  Bring the  pen along on any excursion, and you can ensure that your pet will be safely contained wherever you are, whether at a friend’s or relative’s house or a picnic at the park.  Most pens fold easily; in order to make traveling even easier, purchase a pet exercise pen that does not require tools to assemble.  Also look for a model that will fold flat so it doesn’t take up much room in your car.  Have fun traveling with your pet.

Allowing your pet ample time to play, get exercise, go outside and get fresh air, reduce boredom, and interact with family and friends are just a few of the great benefits of buying a puppy playpen.  Families with small children and a pet are excellent candidates for a pet exercise pen.  The pen allows the children and the pet to play separately and/or interact together in a safe, secure manner.  Parents don’t have to worry that their pet is going to think the baby’s rattle is a new chew toy when the pet is contained safely inside a pet exercise pen.  Pens allow bonding between pets and their pet parents.  They also bring our pets one step closer to being involved in our everyday lives.

PeteHow To Choose The Right Puppy Play Pen