How to Clean and Care Microbead Pillow – Washing Techniques

Microbead pillows have become popular because of the many advantages that these bead-stuffed pillows give. These pillows are made of very tiny soft polymerized beads that adjust to the contours of the head, neck or the body so you don’t feel its counter pressure. Moreover, a microbead pillow does not absorb the heat coming from the body but let it pass through the tiny beads so it remains cool even after long hours of use.

These squishy cushions come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, colors, that can be used not only as bedroom prop ups but also as sofa throw pillows, car portable pillow, and as bedding items for pets. Whatever type of microbead pillow you have right now – microbead standard pillow, microbead neck roll or microbead body pillow, you name it, these need to be washed!

The usual concern regarding washing or cleaning microbead pillows is that it might lose its original form and properties or worse, the casing might give way and let out the millions of beads. Here are a few washing techniques you can follow to make sure your pillows remain as is after sluicing:

• Different manufacturers have different washing directions. Follow what is recommended by the pillow maker because they know best.

• If hand-washing is required, as much as possible, do not wet the beads. Use a damp, soft cloth with soap and rub it on the pillow’s outer casing until the soil and dirt are removed. Rinse off the soap in the cloth using water. Remove the excess water and rub it again on the pillow casing. Clip-hang in a clothesline to dry.
• If it’s safe to machine-wash, full load the machine with the pillows and the rest of the laundry with similar color.

• Use a mild laundry detergent in removing the dirt and lukewarm water in a gentle washing cycle when rinsing.


• To keep from frequent washing, protect your microbead pillows with a pillowcase and don’t forget to wash them separately.

Proper care and maintenance using the above tips will surely make your microbead pillow last longer.

PeteHow to Clean and Care Microbead Pillow – Washing Techniques