How To get A Free Laptop With A Contract

There are a lot of free laptop deals out there that are scams. If you are looking for free laptops for students or something like that, you may end up paying an arm and a leg for your free laptop. But sometimes, legitimate companies, like Verizon, are offering free laptops, but there must be a catch. There is, but that doesn’t make it a bad deal.

These free laptops go with a wireless internet contract. The laptops will come with wireless. I am not talking about the ability to connect at Starbucks, they will come connected just about everywhere, and you will pay a monthly fee for it. It will be about $60 a month to pay for the internet. This is similar to signing a to year contract with a cell phone company and getting the cell phone for free.

For those looking for the portability of a laptop, this seems like an ideal situation. Then you connect anywhere, and anytime. You needed the internet anyway, and if you have to go to Starbucks everyday to use their internet, you will be paying quite a bit anyway. Also, if you are strapped for cash and even laptops under $300 are out of your price range, paying a smaller monthly fee is just easier.

It may not actually save you money, though. If you sign up for a one year contract, it will cost you around $720. A two year contract will cost you $1440. You could probably get a really good laptop for way less than that. But if you are planning on getting a portable internet service anyway, this is a great way to go.

To find these kinds of deals, look at the websites of internet service providers that offer portable internet. Sprint and T-Mobile come to mind. Verizon also is known for the best nationwide coverage and often has these deals.

PeteHow To get A Free Laptop With A Contract