How to get the father involved in raising his child

It is safe to say most mothers undoubtedly have a full time job when it comes to taking care of kids. It is a job that continues well into the kids 20’s. It is no wonder stores like bed bath and beyond have become some popular while selling bath gift baskets and other products online dedicated to pampering the woman.

Although husbands and fathers have received pressure to step up and become more involved in their children’s lives it is often still up to the mothers to have the primary responsibility for the rearing of the child. Are fathers to blame because the main responsibility falls on the mother? This can hardly be the fault of the father since the woman has cared for the child since inception right through delivery; in most women it is inherent or bred in them to conscientiously or sub conscientiously raise and take care of their child.  In addition, it can be said the father’s involvement can be directly related to the demand or lack of demand by the mother of the child. If the mother does not require the father to be involved it is likely he will not be as involved in the child rearing as the mother wants him to be.

How can the mother get the father or husband more involved in child rearing?

The mother is always aware she is pregnant and she must find a way to involve the father in the pregnancy every day. Hence, whether it is measuring the stomach or tracking weight he has to become involved and this automatically creates a bond with the growing fetus that he will eventually be involved in caring for. Once the mother has the father involved in a daily routine she must also send him out to do some shopping for the child by himself and without her interaction. This makes him think more about the baby and helps create a bond for the unborn baby.

PeteHow to get the father involved in raising his child