How to get to Wellington

The first thing that a traveler sees when he arrives at Wellington is the airport. If you are looking for Wellington travel tips, this is the best place to start your sightseeing. The airport in Wellington is located approximately 8 km (5 miles) towards the South-East of the city. It normally takes 15 minutes to drive from the city centre to the airport. It is the busiest airport in the country with frequent trans-Tasmanian flights. The airport has all the facilities expected from an international airport like ATMs, currency conversion, duty free shops, restaurants and car hires. There are business facilities like conference rooms equipped with videoconferencing, faxing and photocopying machines, etc. The airport has many lounges for first and business class passengers and club members. Airport flyer has a bus service to and from the airport to the city. There is also a door to door shuttle. Taxis can also be availed for local transport from the airport.

Another exciting way of getting to Wellington is by road. The scenery is spectacular and most roads are state highways. Traffic drives from left side, legal driving age is 18 and seat belts are compulsory. The major highways through Wellington are the State highway one (SH1) from the north to the Kapiti coast and SH2 running towards the east through Hut Valley. The major cities in New Zealand are within drivable distances of each other. One can reach from Auckland within 9.5 hours to Wellington. Similarly Rotorua is 6.5 hours, Napier is 5 hours, Hamilton is 7 hours, Taupo is 5 hours and Plamerston North is 2 hours driving distance from Wellington.

The train service in New Zealand is operated by Tranz Scenic. Travel by rail is rare in Wellington as most people prefer to travel by road or air. New Zealand’s rail service is mostly for tourists and rarely used as a commuter network. However the fare is reasonable and the service is run efficiently. The city Council operates an efficient bus service within the city limits. Buses usually run from 7am to 11pm daily. Maps and route information is provided by Metlink. Many passes are also available. An interesting attraction of Wellington is the cable car that runs from the Botanical garden to Lambton Quay.

An amazing way to explore the countryside around Wellington is on bicycles. There are many bicycle hire companies that rent regular and mountain terrain bikes for tourists. It’s not only a good way to exercise but also the best way to observe the spectacular views Wellington has to offer. Many companies also offer motorbikes and scooters on rent to tourists. These New Zealand travel tips can help you reach your destination quickly and also enjoy the journey.

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