How to Keep a Small Glass Display Cabinet Clean

A small glass display cabinet can look beautiful in any living room, but the glass windows can seem difficult to keep clean. The key is regular cleaning.

Whatever you put on display in a glass cabinet, you will want to have it highly visible. This means that it needs to be kept clean and shiny all the time. Small cabinets are easier to keep clean than larger ones but they still may have to be cleaned every day.

Regardless of whether the cabinet is a mirrored cabinet or a glass and wood cabinet, the glass parts must be cleaned often and well. There is a wide variety of glass cleaning products available, or you can simply make your own. Some experts recommend a homemade cleaning mix of water and vinegar. Blend one part of vinegar with two parts of water and use this for cleaning the glass parts.

The easiest way to clean is to put the cleaning solution or the homemade mix into a spray bottle. Spray some of the solution on the glass surfaces and then wipe it gently and carefully with a cloth. After cleaning, dry the glass with another cloth. Micro-fiber is one of the best materials for cleaning glass.

Just as you should not clean windows during sunny weather, never clean a glass cabinet in a direct sunlight. If the glass does not dry evenly, you will end up with unattractive streaks. If the glass has any stains that are difficult to remove, using the vinegar solution but adding a little bit more vinegar can be very effective. Of course there are also many commercial glass cleaning products on the market.

If your cabinet has any wooden parts, these can be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water. Frequent dusting is also important, and the wooden parts should be polished regularly to get the best possible results.

PeteHow to Keep a Small Glass Display Cabinet Clean