How to Keep Bicycles in their Perfect Shape

As many of us begin to realize the health and economic benefits of riding bicycles, these two wheeled power horse are now very much in demand again. But as we subject our bicycles to the daily grinds of rough roads, the quality and performance of our bikes can become compromised. To ensure that your bicycles stay in their top form, proper maintenance and storage is key.

The kind of storage system you will need for your bicycles will greatly depend on a number of factors such as your space, the weather and the level of activities you subject your bicycles to. But on the general scheme of things, these basic bike storage ideas will be enough to protect and maintain the quality of your bikes.

Bicycle Storage Systems

Though there is an array of bike storage systems that you can use, the First Light Bicycling website stresses a few factors that should be taken into consideration, that of space and balance. The space you will need for your bikes will largely depend on the number of bicycles you have on hand and the kind amount of area you have at your disposal. Those with limited floor space can resort to ceiling mounts while those with a big enough space can utilize bicycle racks that can hold a number of bike units at a time. As bikes can easily get scratched, damaged or dented, placing them in perfect balance is essential in ensuring that they stay in place.

Storing Indoors

In selecting between outdoor and indoor bicycle storage options, most experts agree that having them inside the house is much more efficient and secure. Storing your bikes outdoors subjects them to the harsh elements of today’s varying weather conditions which can lead to corrosions and rusts.

Storage Equipment

Though there are a number of storage equipments you can install for your bikes, it is best to stick to those that keep your tires off the ground to help avoid tire damage. Placing them on an elevated space not only saves you space but also prolongs the life of your bike’s tires.

PeteHow to Keep Bicycles in their Perfect Shape