How to Kill Termites Naturally

Termites can cause damage to a house to a point where it has be condemned if left untreated. Just a small termite infestation can seriously devalue your home.

Natural and environmentally friendly ways to kill termites are becoming increasingly popular. The environment already has enough chemicals in it and the last thing you would want to do is expose your home and family to more of them. Fortunately, there are various natural methods you can use to combat termites.

The best way to control termites without the use of chemicals is to not allow them to get to your house to start with. This can be as simple as moving things around in your home. Termites can enter your home through wood to wood contact or by wood to soil contact. Keep all wood away from your home including firewood, construction timber, as well as tree stumps as they are expressways for termites to enter your home.

Another way to avoid a termite invasion is to make sure the foundation of your home is at least six inches or more above the soil. Generally, termites are lazy and do not like to climb to get to their food.

Boric acid is very effective and one of the oldest ways known to combat termites. Boric acid can be easily found in lawn and garden stores and is relatively inexpensive. It comes in a white powder form and has been found an excellent way to kill other insects along with termites. Mix boric acid with water and paint it on wood before using it or paint it on the outside of your home to help with termite prevention.

You do not have to become a victim to termites. There are numerous simple environmentally safe treatments to prevent termites from taking over your home. Try the tips mentioned in this article to keep from becoming another termite invasion statistic.

PeteHow to Kill Termites Naturally