How to pick the perfect hybrid golf clubs for your bag

Today’s golfing world is strewn with a virtual smorgasbord of golf clubs meant to improve golf games of the beginner to the professional.  The hybrid golf club is no exception. These clubs were designed specifically to allow for the long iron that is so difficult to hit well for so many golfer to go the way of the dodo bird.

Combining the best elements of an iron and a fairway wood, the hybrid golf club is a modern marvel in its ability to improve golf scores.  Gone are the days of the horrendous slices that pervaded golf courses everywhere when a 180 yard plus par 3 was come upon.  Enter the hybrid and its ability to get the ball in the air and landed softly on the green.

Due to its low center of gravity and bounce angle, the club is a great way to get solid contact on those tight lies.  In addition, you can use it around the greens to get closer to the hole for those up and down shots.  And besides putting, nothing improves a golf score more than getting up and down more often.

So which utility clubs to buy?  A staple of many golfer is the 3 hybrid golf club.  It is designed to replace the 5 wood and / or the 3 iron in your bag.  Again, the 3 iron is generally the longest iron in most golf sets.  On top of that, we all know that the lion’s share of golfers struggle to hit that club well.  If you have to pick only one hybrid to own I would suggest it be that 3 hybrid as it would eliminate the problem club for your bag.

As can be seen, hybrid clubs have helped golfers everywhere improve their scores and enjoyment on the golf course.  With the ability to hit longer shots more consistently and accurately, the beginner golfer especially can make strides almost immediately after buying one.  I suggest you pick one up today and find a way to make it work for your golf game.

PeteHow to pick the perfect hybrid golf clubs for your bag