How To Treat Patellar Tendonitis With A Knee Strap

Patellar tendonitis is a disease that affects a lot of people. It is a chronic injury of the knee and it can be very painful, espeically if it is not treated properly. It will occur after overuse of the knee. This means that you need to be putting a lot of force through the tendon on a regular basis. This will occur in sports where there is a lot of jumping or running, such as basketball or volleyball. However, bad biomechanics will also contribute significantly to the injury, and if you combine the two, then you have a recipe for disaster. The good news is that it can be treated, and you don’t have to put up with the pain. At the start of the injury you will find that the knee is tired and inflamed. if you leave it untreated it may also start to degenerate, this is the worst case scenario and something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Using a knee strap will greatly help you to reduce your pain and even help you rehabilitate your injury. What it does is it puts pressure onto the patella tendon. It is a strap that you can tighten as tight as you want and you place it over the tendon. This means that you are changing the biomechanics of the knee a little bit, and you are also taking the force away slightly and redirecting it. Ultimately your tendon will not be doing as much work as before, and it will mean that you are giving it relative rest. When you combine the use of a knee strap with other rehabilitation methods, such as exercise rehabilitation and icing after every bout of exercise, you will find that you are on a fast road to recovery. Find out more about knee strapping at knee strap guide.

PeteHow To Treat Patellar Tendonitis With A Knee Strap