How To Work For Cash

Finding cash paying jobs can really make a huge impact on your personal bottom line, as well as get you the cash you need to cover financial emergencies and unexpected expenses.  Your ability to work for cash will depend on your locale and your skills, but I believe that anyone can do it if they really want to.  In this post I’ll show you where to get a gig like this in your town.

The key to getting a job like this is to leverage what’s around you already.  If you live in a suburban type neighborhood there are probably kids to babysit and lawns that need to be mowed.  If you’re good at either one of those hit up your neighbors to see if you can offer your services for the day.  Don’t just limit yourself to those two things, you can also clean houses, walk dogs, cook meals, wash cars, or do simple repairs.  Your own skill set will determine which of these you choose, but start right around your house.

If you have a hard time finding something in your immediate area, jump onto Craigslist.  They have a section for each metropolis in the US that has an area for job postings.  You’re obviously not looking for a traditional job, so go to the section labeled “ETC.”  This is where you’re going to find the truly odd jobs.  You can earn cash by handing out fliers for local restaurants, being a taste tester, participating in medical studies, or even donating your eggs.  Keep an open mind when looking through these job postings and you’re bound to find something that will help you make money fast and easy.

You can also look into where the day-laborers hang out in your town to try and find a gig that way.  It will be hard work, but you can earn a good wage if you’re able to land a job.  This isn’t exactly legal since you’re loitering wherever you’re hanging out for a job, but it works.

Getting a job that pays today isn’t tough at all, but you have to get out there and get it!

PeteHow To Work For Cash