I May Be Old But I Want A Skateboard

I am now on the wrong side of thirty five but having come across so many cheap skateboards of late online it sends me back to when I was young and the fun I had with a skateboard.

With the number of cheap complete skateboards now available I am sorely tempted to get one for myself and have a little fun. There really has never been a pastime I have been involved in that I loved quite as much.

The challenge of learning how to do an ollie, how to jump up a curb as I rolled along and doing a three sixty is something that I will never forget. Of course, I did also try to jump off a bandstand with my skateboard, which must have been about three feet high, and I fell off and cut open my face, but that was just a part of growing up and living dangerously. We did not wear helmets or pads like everyone does now.

But apart from a few grazes and bumps overall it was such a great experience that I am very tempted to get one online just to roll about a bit. I don’t think I will be up for many trips now, although I feel as young as I did then , I am sure that my muscles would protest at all the exercise that a skateboard gives you. They really are brilliant for keeping fit while having some great fun with friends.

If you want a great pastime and you want to have some fun and get fit then maybe a skateboard is the answer, no matter what your age is. After all men like Tony Hawk are no spring chickens any more but they still manage to look cool on a skateboard, right? Why not me then? I even have a pair of Converse!

PeteI May Be Old But I Want A Skateboard