Ideas For Making Money – as an Import Export Agent

If you are looking for money making ideas then why not consider the import export business? This is one arena where truly massive fortunes have been made (by a few) and costs of entry need not be exceptionally high. It might not suit everybody but just think – international billionaire arms dealers are just import export agents! On a more mundane scale, sourcing goods in one country for buyers in another can produce deals worth a few hundred pounds or dollars right up to many thousands.

With trade boundaries dissolving between the nations and international trade gaining weight in the GDP of the nations. There is a potential business opportunity for everyone, especially people in developing nations to give their business new heights by going global. Again a question arises if there are so many bright opportunities why don’t businessmen go global or what prevents them from going global. The answer is, lack of awareness about international import export laws and lack of knowledge about international markets. Another very important constraint which prevents businesses from going global is when the seller has a lack of information and therefore trust regarding the buyer and vice versa.

Hence, there is a very lucrative opportunity for those who can fill this gap. Here comes the role of the import export agent. Primarily there can be two ways in which import export agents can work . One which facilitates both buyer and seller is by enabling deals between them.

These agents can earn in various ways, many of them have fixed commission and others work on some percentage. Therefore, this can be a very good career for those who have a good knowledge, or are willing to learn about international markets –  particularly as you can start without any capital.

There is also a another way in which these agents can make money. Agents, or more appropriately they should be named “distributors”, with access to capital can purchase goods from the producers at a lower price themselves and sell them to the buyer in anther country at a higher price. Most of the time, such transactions are directed from developing nations to the developed nations.

Acting as the “middle man” has always been a profitable way to make money. Import export is good example of this where commission based agents source goods and buyers and sometimes gravitate to financing the deals themselves where more profits can be made.

PeteIdeas For Making Money – as an Import Export Agent