Ideas For Your Wedding Cake Stand

This is a guest post from Chloe Wilson at Wedding Supplies Expert.

After the ceremony ends, the bride and groom play second fiddle to the food and drink.  And as the guests file into the reception area, their gaze immediately fixates on the wedding cake, due to it being the largest and sweetest edible object in the room.

Most bakeries who make wedding cakes will have cake stands as well as the other wedding cake supplies such as the topper, but it is always a good idea to shop around a bit for cake stands that might go better with your wedding theme. The biggest distinguishing feature between cakes and cake stands is the quantity and arrangement of layers.  Do you want all of the layers arranged on top of each other, creating a spiral tower of transcendent, unified beauty?  Or would you prefer to present individual cakes on their own stands in an impressive and modern display of deconstructed goodness?  Knowing what you want beforehand will help you find the stand you really want, as vendors will be likely to push their standard features.

After that, there are a host of other different effects one can go for, including floral arrangements, either draped over the cake itself, seeming to cradle the cake from underneath, or whatever you want.  Also, there are different materials for stands, from glass to hand-wrought iron, and a number of different styles for each.  The number of choices can be overwhelming if taken into consideration all at once, say at a bakery, so instead, I recommend choosing one option at a time beforehand.

There are also a host of extremely creative people who have burned their own trails through the wedding cake field, so if none of the classic options suits your ceremony, or perhaps if you are a King of Cakes viewer, then scour the web for ideas – there are plenty of them out there.

PeteIdeas For Your Wedding Cake Stand