If You’ve Never Had a Girlfriend at Your Age – Don’t Read This!

If you’ve never had a girlfriend at your age I don’t want you to read this for two reasons:

  • I don’t know if you are ready to hear what I’m about to tell you
  • You will have to put a bit of effort into the system you will learn in a moment.

This system works for anyone who wants to improve their success with women, no matter their age. It is designed in a way that will help you attract the women you want. Even if you’ve never had a girlfriend you will enter a level playing field that will give you an advantage over many other guys, even if they have been more successful.

Lesson 1

Chances are there are people in your life who consistently underestimate you and your abilities. There may have been people who made you believe you don’t have what it takes to succeed with women. You have to understand that these people are not going to suddenly become more encouraging.

This means that even as you start becoming more successful they may still put you down or make it look like your progress isn’t significant. Even though they might be surprised that a guy who’s never had a girlfriend is suddenly pulling the hottest women around.

The lesson: From this moment on, your success with women is your business and your alone. You don’t brag about it or complain about it to anyone.

Lesson 2

There are certain “attraction triggers” that naturally attract women. Now, there are many products that will make you believe that all you need is a bottle of perfume containing hormones or even a pick up line or a technique. I’m here to tell you that all of that is nonsense. I understand that if you’ve never had a girlfriend this may seem like a quick way out.

There is a way you can become more successful with women – that way is not necessarily a short-cut. If you want high quality women you have the develop personal qualities that those women appreciate. Those are the real attraction triggers.

The lesson: If you think you must trick women you will always scrape the bottom of the barrel. On the other hand, if you work on your own attractiveness you will stand out and with time, start to attract more an more women.

Lesson 3

Let’s say you’ve attracted a beautiful woman. Now what? What guys don’t know is that an attractive lifestyle combine with a solid masculine personality is what will keep her around.

In other words you need to inject passion into your life. You must have a life that makes you really happy and excited with or without a woman. Without this you may end up always acting needy and desperate. Lack of passion may be one of the main reasons why you’ve never had a girlfriend.

The lesson: Even though you’ve never had a girlfriend you must start living like a successful person. Be true to yourself and start going for what you really want. That way when you do attract the woman of your dreams she will be more likely to stick around.

PeteIf You’ve Never Had a Girlfriend at Your Age – Don’t Read This!