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Consumers have many choices from which to select when shopping for exterior home lighting to install on the premises of their residence. Indeed, choices in size, shape, finish, and motif are available to add ambiance and lighting to the exterior of their property. One type of exterior home lighting that is popular in some neighborhoods of the United States are outdoor pathway lighting. Outdoor pathway lights are available to complement just about any landscape design homeowners have created or wish to create on their property. While some consumers mostly initially focus on the decor of the lighting, they may also wish to initially focus on the source of energy that the lighting is designed to use. For example, is the outdoor pathway lighting designed to use solar energy or electric energy?

Solar outdoor pathway lighting offer several benefits when it comes to pathway lights Benefits include that they are relatively easy to install, are ecologically friendly since they do not use electricity, and as a consequence of not consuming electricity, solar pathway lights do not add to the monthly electricity bill. However, in order for these benefits to be applicable, the solar pathway lights must be installed in areas that receive abundant sunlight. Otherwise, they will not work well with the current technology of outdoor solar pathway lighting.

Outdoor pathway lights that use electricity will function in just about any location, sunny or not sunny. Thus, these lights work in more climates and locations than solar lighting, given that they use electricity as their energy source and are not dependent on the sun to provide their source of energy. However, electric pathway lights do not tend to be as ecologically friendly as solar lighting, given their reliance on electricity to function. Additionally, their use adds to the household electricity bill. Nonetheless, as with solar path lighting, many choices are also available with electric pathway lighting. Moreover, for consumers who plan to install pathway lights in sunny locations, either electric or solar may work well for them.

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