Information For Those Who Want To File Bankruptcy Online

There’s some bad news for you if you want to file bankruptcy online. There’s no point delaying it, so here it is: you can’t. Yes, you can find companies that will let you fill out your bankruptcy forms through their website, but the actual filing is done at the bankruptcy court. There is simply no way to file bankruptcy online.

However, if you want to, you can file for bankruptcy yourself instead of using an attorney to represent you. This is an option that sounds promising to those who are having problems with their finances. After all, how are you supposed to come up with $700 or so to pay a lawyer if you can’t pay the $25 minimum payment on your credit card? You should be really cautious about deciding to represent yourself, though, because any little mistake you make can result in your entire bankruptcy case being thrown out.

One thing you must be really careful about is filling out the list of personal property that you own. If you leave anything out, it can look like you are trying to hide it, which is fraud. You should physically walk through your house, garage, and any other buildings on your property and take note of every little thing you see. Make sure absolutely everything gets written down on the form.

Your debt list also needs special care. If you forget to list something, it may not be discharged in the bankruptcy and you will still have to pay it off. Request copies of your credit report to help jog your memory. There may be old debts on your report that you have completely forgotten about.

Even though you can’t file bankruptcy online, you can still fill out a great deal of the information online, then meet with your lawyer in his office to sign the forms before he files them with the court. This does make it a little easier to get all of the paperwork filled out accurately.

PeteInformation For Those Who Want To File Bankruptcy Online