Information Regarding Disney Pin Sets

The Disney Pin Sets have always been around the Disney theme parks at various locations and being worn by a number of different characters. If you are into trading the Disney pins then there are a number of locations through out the park that will allow you to trade pins. However, there are rules and guidelines that you must follow in order to participate in the trading process.

In order to exchange pins with certain characters you must follow the rules that state that the pin you are switching with the character is of equal value of the one that you poses. This allows for all trades to be equal with one another. The only way that employees and characters are allowed to participate in the trading process is if the trading will not take away from their duties of the Walt Disney company. If this begins to happen, they will be asked to not participate in the program any longer. This is mostly for the employees and not the characters. The Hidden Mickey Disney Pins Sets contain a number of different unique pins that are available for trade. If a trade appears to be acceptable to the character or employee then the offer can not be refused.

The pin backing on the pins is one thing that makes the pin offer acceptable or unacceptable. Depending on the backing of the pin will depend on if the cast member is allowed to accept it or not. If your pin that you are looking to trade contains the backing like a brooch would have that has a clasp to hook it to your clothing then this is not considered to be a trade-able pin at some locations that have pin trading. The Disney Pin Sets have guidelines that should be researched before you begin to collect the pins or attempt to trade the pins at any Disney Location or even buying bulk pins off of ebay (great for disney pins trading lots

PeteInformation Regarding Disney Pin Sets