Installing Outdoor Voltage Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides safety and home security. Outdoor lighting can also add to the appearance of the landscape. Outdoor flood lights are easy to install and are an inexpensive way to give the yard a boost in appearance. After purchasing the flood lights you want for your landscape, you need to pick a location for mounting them. The fixture should be located close to an electrical box. Placing it under the roofs overhang is an ideal location. This will also provide some protection from the weather.

Turn off the power to the electrical box near the chosen location. Using 16 Gauge cable wire, attach the wiring to the box. White wires are connected together, black wires are connected together, and bare wires are connected together. Now, run the length of the wire from the transformer box to the light switch location. Now, with a pencil trace the size of the switch box on the inside wall. Cut a hole in the drywall as you follow the drawn outline. Pull the wire through the box into the switch-box opening.

Drill a hole to allow the wire through, and mount the light fixture to the wall. Attach the incoming and outgoing wire to the inside switch box. You will attach the white wire to the other white wire, black to black, and ground to ground. Now run the outgoing wire to the light fixture box. Mount the cover plate to the switch box.

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring of the light fixture. Caulk the seam between the fixture box and the walls exterior. Install the cover plate onto the fixture. Now you can turn the lights on to test them and make sure all are working properly.

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PeteInstalling Outdoor Voltage Lighting