Insurance for Dogs

Once upon a time, there were only a couple of specialist companies handling dog insurance.

Today, all sorts of organisations are jumping on the bandwagon.

Supermarkets, superstores and all sorts of companies are offering their services to the confused dog owner. The Post Office, the Automobile ssociation, Argos, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s and a couple of banks and building societies are also now coming in on the act.

However, many owners still prefer to go to companies specialising exclusively on insuring dogs. Petpals Direct, who describe themselves as Smarter Dog Insurance currently have some very attractive offers.

Suzie, from About Your Dog, has been looking into the whole area of pet insurance, particularly for dogs. The first thing worth bearing in mind is the fact that there is no excess for the puppy’s first year of cover.

Bearing in mind how much the puppy probably cost to buy, and the possible mischief he may have got up to around the house and garden, maybe injuring himself in the process, that seems like an attractive offer to us.

Something else which makes this company an attractive option is their scheme aimed at tenants moving into rented accommodation with their pet. Property damage should not be a major problem because is is covered under TenantCare Dog.

Petpals Direct tell us they welcome dogs of all ages… including older dogs, not always acceptable to other companies.

They even provide cover for vet’s fees and euthanasia, which must surely attract many dog owners.

People strapped for cash who can’t afford to, or simply prefer not to, pay up front will be pleased to know that Petpals Direct are prepared to pay the vet direct.

One rarely encounters an insurer who will pay up front. It is even more unusual to get cover for euthanasia.

We vote this company top of the insurance pops… a true Top Pet Insurer.

PeteInsurance for Dogs