Integrated Fridge Freezer Popularity

For the longest time, installing a stylish stainless steel fridge freezer in a kitchen has been the dream of many homeowners.  These large appliances have been long time favorites, offering a lot of capacity and features at a relatively affordable price.  More recently however, owners of expensive homes have started seeking out fridges that have a less commercial appearance and as a result there has been a rise in popularity of integrated fridge freezers.

The traditional full sized fridge freezers – with their unsubtle metallic, black or white shells – are by their nature and appearance attractors of the eye in any kitchen where they are installed.  An integrated refrigerator, on the other hand, by its very nature subtly blends into the background, allowing the style of your kitchens decoration to be appreciated more easily due to not being overpowered by the cold appearance of a fridge.

Integrated fridges achieve their low impact appearance by two techniques.  Firstly, they are ordered in a side such that the front of the fridge does not just out past the front of the cabinets on either side.  This means you no longer need to walk around the fridge every time you pass through the kitchen.  Secondly, an integrated fridge will – when installed properly – come with a custom front panel that is engineered to be a perfect match for the kitchens cabinetry.  This usually means application of a wooden panel of the same material, color, and decoration as the neighboring cabinet doors.

These fridges are usually a little smaller than the traditional models.  For homeowners who value the extra space, it is possible to purchase a larger unit by performing some renovation work on the kitchen wall where the unit will be installed.  By creating a nook in the wall itself, it is possible to install a deeper fridge freezer that still does not stick out past your cabinets, and retains its integrated appearance.

While somewhat more expensive than a traditional fridge freezer, integrated fridge freezers are a great choice for any homeowner seeking to improve the appearance of their kitchen be eliminating all commercial looking appliances.

PeteIntegrated Fridge Freezer Popularity