Iris Plastic Storage

You may have heard of Iris plastic storage containers, but did you know they were responsible for bringing clear plastic products to market? And did you know this only happened in the 1990’s? Clear plastic storage options are so well used these days that it is hard to imagine life without them. The clear versions of storage boxes are well loved because they make life easier when trying to find something. You do not have to remove the box from its stored location nor do you have to empty the contents. As such we have a lot to thank the Iris company for.

As the popularity of plastic storage options has risen so has the range of products that Iris produce. Some of their best loved storage containers are detailed below:

For storing bulky sweaters, look no further than their deep plastic sweater box. You can get about six thick sweaters in this deep box so can throw out your plastic bags and try these more practical and airtight solutions instead.

For keeping your home office organized, invest in some paper hanging files and store them in the Iris plastic storage file tote box. It is large and has a snap shut lid to protect your paperwork. The lid is also a split design meaning you need only open half of it to access the interior. Once you are finished with it, you can either stack them or place them on some sort of shelving.

Perhaps the most popular Iris product is their airtight pet food storage container. It can hold 40 pounds of dog food but is easy to maneuver as it has wheels. The lid has a wide opening giving you easy access to the food but it keeps the inside airtight and pest free when shut.

As you can see, Iris have contributed much to helping households organize themselves. Give their range a thought the next time you have some clutter that needs sorting and storing.

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