Is Spray Tanning A Safer Way To Tan?

The safety of various tanning methods has come under much scrutiny in recent years. There has been studies and observations that have lead to the general conclusions that the use of UV tanning booths or over exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging and in extreme cases skin cancer. For those people who want to avoid such risks there has been an increasing trend towards spray tanning as a method of getting that bronzed look without the risk.

The reason that spray tanning is safer for your skin is the way that it works. Unlike the sun or tanning booths, your skin isn’t actually exposed to harmful UV rays. Instead the spray tan solution is applied to the skin which pretty much just gives the illusion of the tan. How convincing this illusion will be is down to how good the product used is and how good the method of application is as well.

So as we have established, spray tans are not harmful in the way that UV based tanning methods are. This doesn’t mean that you should exclude the fact that some of the tanning products out there still use pretty harsh chemicals to get the desired effect. There are gentler solutions out there and I would urge you to search around and find ones that are not only effective on your particular skin type, but you are happy to use based on the ingredients they contain. The best way to find this out is to do a patch test and see which products work the best, or even cause irritation on a discreet part of your body.

As you can see, spray tanning is a far safer method of tanning, but be sure to test the products out on yourself prior to using them all over your body.

PeteIs Spray Tanning A Safer Way To Tan?