Is the Formaldehyde Level in the Keratin Treatment Dangerous For You?

The most serious concern when you use a Brazilian keratin treatment is the risk of side effects due to the content of formaldehyde in these hair solutions. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance present in many of the items we use every day, from industrial dyes, furniture, to some cosmetic treatments. However, only a prolonged exposure to this substance can lead to serious side effects. On the other hand, intense exposure on the short term can also cause health problems such as irritations, or trouble breathing and sleeping.

Unfortunately, the formaldehyde is a carcinogen agent. It is used massively in some European countries and, to some extent, it is present in many American products as well. Some keratin treatment manufacturers also include this substance in their products. The amount of formaldehyde in the keratin hair treatment vary with the manufacturer, this is why it is best to read the label of the product before purchasing it.

Formaldehyde, in any amount, is dangerous for human health. Yet, if you take a closer look at any hair care product on the market, you will notice that all of them contain either certain levels of formaldehyde, of other carcinogenic agents. So fat, your only choice is to buy the lesser evil or to simply use 100% natural products, which are more expensive and show their effects in a longer period of time. If you use these natural products, it might take your hair months before looking the way you want it to, and they don’t guarantee a perfectly manageable hair either, like the keratin treatment does.

If this is a reason for you to insist on having a Brazilian keratin treatment, you should know that, while there are some risks coming with this product, it is not as dangerous as some skeptics advertise. Before applying the product on your hair, you should protect your hands with rubber gloves and your mouth and nose with a medical face mask. Also, make sure that you apply the substance on your hair alone, and you don’t spread it over your scalp as well.

PeteIs the Formaldehyde Level in the Keratin Treatment Dangerous For You?