It Can Be All Gravy Using A Turkey Fryer

Many food enthusiasts, as well as those looking for a new way to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving turkey have embraced frying as their cooking method of choice. Once primarily a regional favorite, frying imparts an appearance, texture and flavor that many consider unparalleled. While the uninitiated often express skepticism, the relatively quick cooking time and satisfying finished product continue to win people over. Even after a sampling, many people choose frying over oven roasting or grilling as their preferred way to enjoy turkey.

Your turkey fryer should include all the items necessary to safely contain the required amount of cooking oil as well as the poultry. The potential hazards, in fact, are often the reasons some people hesitate to deep fry in this way. Using a complete fryer kit that includes a lidded and generously sized stock pot, lifter, holder, and thermometer will likely give you the safest and best results.

Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages associated with electric and propane fryers can help you select the type most suitable to you. Depending upon the ventilation capabilities and configuration of your indoor cooking area, an electric model may allow you to fry indoors. Conversely, a propane model, which must be used outdoors, may be more appropriate. Whichever option you choose, following all manufacturer recommendations and thoroughly acquainting yourself with the preparation and cooking process would be strongly advised.

Once you have safely set up your cooking area, experimenting with new spices and injectable marinades will likely lead to surprising new ways to season and enjoy your fried turkey. While you may never completely forgo the traditional turkey and gravy, deep frying may be a way to enjoy this tasty poultry any time of the year. As quickly as deep frying can be completed, you can look forward to having delectable turkey virtually any time you desire.

PeteIt Can Be All Gravy Using A Turkey Fryer