Killer Spartacus Circuit Workout

Building a better body doesn’t have to take a long time if you are committed and know exactly what to do to get results. Too many people get stuck in the same workout routines and do not see the results they are after. If your main goal is to get a lean hard fat free body there is no better workout routine than a circuit. Basically, circuit training is a combination of high-intensity training and resistance training. The main benefits are muscle building, fat burning, and improved cardiac health. If you are looking to bulk up do not do this training the high number of reps and intensity will burn weight not add it.

Circuit training can typically be completed in as little as 45 minutes and combines exercise that builds the upper and lower body through high intensity cardio resistance training. Circuit  programs can vary greatly in intensity and length. An average routine will consist of 10-1 5 different exercises that are perform for 30-60 seconds followed immediately by the next exercise. You would typically complete the entire circuit three times. This type of training breaks up the monotony of lifting and adds a huge element of agility and lean muscle.  If you have a flat weight bench you should definitely follow this workout program to take yourself to the next level of fitness.

Men’s Health recently featured the training routine of the actors of the hit HBO series Spartacus. It is a great circuit routine that will push your body like nothing you have done before. The routine is used to get the actors in great fighting shape and will get you in perfect shape for the beach.

Typical of circuit training you will do each exercise for a duration of 60 seconds using proper form. The goal is to get as many good repetitions as possible in the allotted time.  It is very important that in this type of training that you pace yourself and never compromise your form. As you get tired you need to be committed to safety and not throw the weights around dangerously. After completing 60 seconds of reps move directly to the next exercise.

If are ready to give circuit training a try here is the actual Spartacus Circuit Routine:

Complete as many reps of each exercise as possible in 60 seconds and then proceed immediately to the next exercise. Upon completing the entire circuit rest for 60 seconds and repeat the entire circuit. Try to complete at least 3 total circuits.

Goblet Squat

Mountain Climber

Dumbbell Swing

T Push Up

Split Jump

Dumbbell Row

Side Lunge

Push Up Row

Twist Lunge

Push Press

As you start with this workout you should use a light weight that you can handle comfortably for the entire 60 seconds. You do not want to injure yourself or burn out early in the workout.

With circuit training you will burn fat, build muscle, and improve your cardiac strength. If you are looking to get your body in lean ripped shape there is nothing better than a hard circuit workout. If you are using home weight benches be sure to vary each exercise between the upper and lower body.

PeteKiller Spartacus Circuit Workout