Kindle 3G – E-Reader Review

Hello and welcome to this review of the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi from Amazon. This revolutionary electronic reading device will almost certainly change the way that you look at reading. No longer will you have to stack shelves full of your favorite books, you can store all of your books in this tiny little device, the amount you will save on storage alone makes this product worthwhile.

Over the course of this review I would like to bring those who are not familiar with this e-reader up to speed with the features and functions and hopefully allow them to decide if this e-reader is the one for them or if they might want to look at an alternative e-reader like the apple iPad for example.

The biggest thing that puts the kindle range of e-readers ahead of the pack is the fantastic E-ink pearl technology that they have. This is very different from reading an LCD screen. If you have spent a lot of time looking at computers before now, you will surely know that it will begin to hurt your eyes after a certain period of time, and especially if you use a computer at work you will not likely want to continue looking at an LCD screen.

The screen of the Amazon Kindle is so good because it looks just like the page of a book. The technology uses actual ink and special fonts to create image that you see on each page.

The fact that the 3G is completely free as well just adds to the greatness of this machine. You can download new books and use the internet in a limited fashion at any time and in any place. The fact that the kindle is not jam packed with features like video, music and multi-media internet browsing just means that s not where the focus was, the focus when creating this e-reader was on the reading function and because of that it is definitely one of the best e-readers that you can buy.

This was a Kindle 3G + WiFi review. Thanks for reading.

PeteKindle 3G – E-Reader Review