Kinect Games List: Top Launch Titles

The newest video game accessory that will be making waves in the video game world is Kinect.  This accessory made by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 will allow you to be able to take motion control gaming to a new level.  You won’t need controllers and you won’t need pads or boards.  You just move your body and the Kinect camera will be able to track all of your movements and translate those movements into the video game.  Pretty cool, right?  There are some awesome launch titles on the Kinect games list, and here are a few of the top ones.

Kinect Joy Ride is a racing game, more specifically a kart racing game that allows you to drive the go kart around with your body movements.  Put your hands out like you are holding a steering wheel.  If you lean into turns, you’ll be able to drift around the corners giving you a boost.  If you push your hands forward, you use use the boost and propel the kart forward.  Want to throw something at an opponent?  Just use a throwing hand gesture!

Kinect Adventures is bundled with Kinect and you’ll be able to have all sorts of adventures.  One of the mini games is a river rafting race, where you’ll be able to lean side to side with a friend to navigate the rivers and rapids.  Get ready to jump, because you’ll need to reach some of the bonuses up higher when you reach the edge of a cliff.

Kinect Sports allows you to play a lot of different sports games.  Beach volleyball, ping pong, bowling, and various track and field events are all a fun time waiting to happen.  For volleyball you’ll be bumping, setting, and spiking the ball on your opponents.

The Kinect camera is going to be a fun time, and there will be many more games on the Kinect games list, as game developers keep coming up with new and crazy ideas.

PeteKinect Games List: Top Launch Titles