Kitchen Curtains – Changing Your Window Decor

Your windows are an important focal point for your room so when considering kitchen curtains or blinds to decorate your newly designed or decorated kitchen don’t forget the ease of cleaning and safety issues involved. If you select curtains as opposed to a blind, make sure they are not going to be soaked every time you wash the dishes, or splashed with color when you clear away the childrens’ art work and wash the paint pots. For the sake of safety never have loose curtains near a cooker as they can easily be a fire hazard, a simple gust of wind could blow the curtains and create a serious hazard, Use tie backs to prevent this from happening and do not close the curtains at night, using a blind set into the window recess will give you the privacy you require.

Simply changing your window decor can transform a room and inject new life into a tired kitchen area. Kitchen windows can be used for a multitude of things; the sill is often an important aspect of your design and may show off many of your kitchen plants or other paraphernalia. It could also be where you cat enters or leaves the house in the summer months, so be sure when selecting your new curtains you consider in full how the window is likely to be used.

If you have large floor to ceiling windows as many older buildings do you will almost certainly have grand home decoration ideas for your windows. You will want privacy from the outside world, but still require the light to be flooding in. Consider blinds that will allow you to open them at various points. Modern blinds have the facility to open or close sections of them at a time, so the top can have light flooding in whilst the bottom is closed for privacy as you wander about in your robe preparing breakfast.

PeteKitchen Curtains – Changing Your Window Decor