Kitchen Worktops: What’s Hot And What’s Not

In any household, the kitchen is the center of family life, entertaining and socializing and the place where the family gathers for their evening meal. And since the kitchen is always so busy with three meals a day, and countless snacks and cups of coffee, you should be investing in durable kitchen worktops that will survive all the kitchen activity. Your kitchen counters will encounter lots of sharp knifes and many hot dishes, but you should always be able to rely on the durability of your counters.

Popular for many years, the most common kitchen worktop is made of the standard Formica, available in every colour of the rainbow, every shape, size, design and pattern. Durable and highly functional, waterproof and rigid, the formica work surface has been the mainstay of kitchens for years. the smooth work surface is perfect for kitchen use since the Formica material is reinforced to endure even the hardest wear and tear from glass wear, kitchen pots and pans and sharp knifes. It is always advisable to use cutting boards on Formica surfaces to ensure they maintain their durable smooth surface, but even direct contact with the Formica won’t cause problems since the material is so durable. Formica is also heat resistant, and can handle most hot dishes fresh from the oven or pans from the stove.

An alternative for kitchen worktops are modern stone, granite and marble kitchen worktops. Often your sink, waste disposal and stove can be built into the cabinet work and smoothly mould to part of the stone or granite worktop, making for n easy to clean work surface, hygienic and waterproof.

Whatever the material you choose, always be sure that the surface is hard wearing, waterproof and meets the design and color scheme in our kitchen. Carefully selecting kitchen worktops will pay dividends and will prove to be a sound investment for your home.

PeteKitchen Worktops: What’s Hot And What’s Not