Lace Bandeau Bra: A Great Addition To Any Wardrobe

People often think that lace should only be worn and seen in private but this is usually from the more conservative members of society. Lace is a wonderful accessory and it can be worn tastefully and can add a touch of femininity to any outfit. The lace bandeau bra is one of these options.  You can wear it underneath your outfit whilst allowing a little bit to show at the top for that layered, sexy but conservative look.

The bandeau bra is similar to the fit of a tube top but with support.  It comes in a variety of styles, colors and support – a lacey version being one of them. It is produced as a bandeau cami as well which works great with the layered look and slightly sheer shirts.

Bandeau bras take an overcomplicated strapless bra and combine it with the idea of a sport bra and tube top.  Strapless bras used to be very uncomfortable and unreliable. The idea of wearing a strapless dress always came along with the sigh of knowing you would have to wear an uncomfortable, underwire, hooked in the back and hope that is does not fall down during a dance, strapless bra. Nowadays the bandeau has replaced that sigh and opened up endless options for fashion including the layered look.

The nylon and spandex combination the bandeau bra often uses, adds comfort and a sense of confidence when wearing one.  The band underneath the bra takes the place of the underwire and is much more comfortable. Of course there are still bandeaus that have the underwire if you are in need of extra support, but they also combine this wiring with comfort.
The lace bandeau bra is a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Its versatility and comfort adds confidence to many strapless outfits that once were not considered as everyday wear. With today’s layered look it also adds a peek of lace and femininity to any outfit.

PeteLace Bandeau Bra: A Great Addition To Any Wardrobe