Ladies Evening Wedge Sandals and Shoes

A wedge shoe for ladies is not about just being comfy all day or at the beach but about being sexy all evening too. Many women choose wedges specifically because they are so versatile and can go from day to evening without transition. Wear them to the beach and then dust them off and put on a strappy evening dress and go out dancing! But, there are a few pairs that are reserved just for the night, like the evening wedge sandals by Chloe. These high end designer sandals are gorgeous and sexy and very expensive, but worth every penny! For example there’s the nest woven leather evening wedge sandals that come in a deep golden bronze color that cost about $630. There are also the Versace stacked wedge that’s just a little more…over $700…ouch! I know….so before you stop reading, here are some more affordable dreams:

An Elegant Yet affordable Evening Wedge Shoe For Ladies with Style

If you love Victoria’s Secret as much as I do, then you’ll adore the styles that Charles by Charles David offers in the latest collection of beaded wedge shoe for ladies that like to look sexy all the time but still be comfy. And comfort is not just for the feet but for the wallet, because the Charles David line is really affordable, under $100 and really chic. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, you can just shop at Victoria’s Secret and choose any of the Charles David day or evening wedge sandals and get a winner. I think some of the most expensive styles are between $120 and $150, which is really good. Remember they are elegant enough to wear to evening cocktails when they’re new…I say that because wedges are so versatile, I use mine to wear out to elegant events when they’re new and then when they get a little scuff or aren’t as hot as they were, I use them for beachwear and buy a new pair for my Sunday Best!

Okay…just one last suggestion…..if you like Michael Kors and Charrles David then you’ll also like Michael Antonio and most of those designs are around $80 and they are very fine sandals that make your legs look really great.

PeteLadies Evening Wedge Sandals and Shoes