Lap Trays For Every Purpose

Lap trays are a smoking hot new trend that can increase the quality of your life at home, in your car, and even in your office, not to mention in the bedroom. Have you ever brought your husband breakfast in bed, only to cringe whenever he spills anything on the bed sheets? There is a simple foam and plastic solution to your problem. Lap trays can give you a stable and comfortable platform to eat, write, or even type on your laptop. The underneath padding is made out of foam. If you need an extra sturdy platform, buy a lap pad with stiff foam. Next time you bring your husband breakfast in bed, hand him a lap tray. It will save you the hassle of washing the sheets, and make things even more comfortable for the love of your life.

Lap desks are available in many different styles. You can find them in wood, plastic, melamine, and even stainless steel to go with every type of room decor. Many lap desks have rims along the side to prevent water or drinks from spilling onto your lap. Most of these tables are inexpensive. The typicalprice range is ten to twenty dollars per table. Some are available with short legs so you can place them over your lap while you are in bed and not worry about not moving around underneath them. These kinds are the most comfortable for bedroom use. You will want to buy one of these with fold-away legs for the breakfast in bed scenario.

You can buy these lap trays in most department stores, or online. If you are curious about other usages, you can join forums of lap tray fanatics to learn how others are using them to make their lives easier. If you have never tried using one before, try getting one to see how comfortable it is. If it makes a difference in a good way, you can consider getting more for other purposes.

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