Laser Liposuction Results In Less Scarring And Better Results!

Laser liposuction. What is it? It means less time under anesthesia, less scarring, less adhesions, faster recovery time, and cheaper because it doesn’t take as long.

Plastic surgeons charge several thousand dollars for surgeries because they take so long and thus they have to work fewer patients. Faster surgical techniques mean they can charge less per surgery because of the increased volume.

Less time under anesthesia is possible because a doctor can work on you faster. Being passed out for less time is an advantage because generally the more time you’re sedated, the increase risk of less oxygen to your brain. Faster surgeries are better.

It’s easier for a surgeon to operate a laser rather than use a scalpel. A laser is more precise than a scalpel and more forgiving of mistakes. Lasers use computers for control and they are sharper than scalpels making them more exacting – which is what you want in a plastic surgery. There’s less risk of infection afterwards because there is less time to do it and less tools going inside the body.

Liposuction is basically a mini vacuum that sucks your fat out. More surgeons are nowadays trained in the latest techniques which include laser liposuction.

Many doctors recommend laser lipo to everyone who go through traditional diet and exercise for a year with no measurable results. That’s because all surgeries, even laser liposuction, carry a risk of complications or even death. People with genetic or hormonal problems who have not responded to medication are advised to consider liposuction as sometimes this is the only way to treat their condition. Liposuction is beneficial to morbidly obese who have a body mass index above 40. That’s typically someone who has over 100 pounds of fat to lose. Or people have a body mass index of 35 and above who have co-morbid conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

PeteLaser Liposuction Results In Less Scarring And Better Results!