Laser Tattoo Removal Vs. Tattoo Removal Cream

If you have a tattoo that you’re not happy with, chances are that you’ve heard of laser tattoo removal and tattoo removal cream.  If you haven’t heard of tattoo removal cream, let me take a minute and tell you about how it works.

Tattoo removal cream works by slowly fading your tattoo away over a period of several months.  It’s not a quick method so you have to be patient with it.  The cream first has to get through the top layer of your skin called the epidermis.  The second layer of your skin is called the dermis and it’s this layer that the tattoo ink is stored in.  The advantages to using tattoo removal cream over having laser tattoo removal is that tattoo removal cream is much less expensive and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.  Since you apply the product to the tattoo over a period of several months, you can spread the cost of the tattoo removal over several months as well.

Laser tattoo removal is quite expensive.  It may cost you thousands of dollars if you choose this option.  You will likely have to go in for several treatments with this option.  The advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it’s going to git rid of your tattoo faster than tattoo removal cream will.  The disadvantage is that it will cost you a whole lot more and you have to come up with the money all at once.  A doctor isn’t going to let you pay for your tattoo removal over a period of several months like you can do with tattoo removal cream.  The laser method also is more painful and there is a chance that you might be left with scarring and or lightening of the skin or darkening of the skin where the tattoo removal procedure was done.

PeteLaser Tattoo Removal Vs. Tattoo Removal Cream