Leading Brands in Bras

When your bras slowly start to come off, that is, the underwires start showing, one or several hooks are missing, the shoulder straps keep falling off, or the bra just doesn’t fit anymore, then it’s definitely time to purchase a new set of bras. There are so many styles, colors and materials to choose from so bra shopping should be a delightful and enjoyable experience. When it comes to brands, it’s a shopper’s heaven with the wide array of choices from affordable brands to expensive designer names. Victoria’s Secret bra and Playtex bra are just some of the prominent names in women’s lingerie creating high quality and sexy designs of bras for women of all ages and lifestyles. Depending on your purpose or body shape, you will surely find one that will not only provide the proper support and protection that you need, but fits comfortably and comes in delicious designs that will make you feel ultra feminine and confident.

Victoria’s Secret bra and Playtex bra may be among the leading brands in women’s undergarments, but sometimes not so well known and cheaper brands provide the same or even more support than their expensive counterparts. It’s all a matter of personal choice. When it comes to the kinds of bras: underwire, padded, push-up, full coverage, and all the other styles, choose the ones that suit your function and body type. Always try on the bra before buying it because it may fit differently or not at all once you get home. A lot of department stores and lingerie shops offer free bra size measurement nowadays so be sure to have yourself fitted before purchasing a bra.

Gilligan O’Malley is one brand that is not as famous as the other designer names but a lot of women prefer it more because aside from its low, low price (it costs under $20 compared to the $100 or more on expensive brands!), it offers the same support and protection as Victoria’s Secret and La Perla Vintage bras. They are available online at www.Target.com and www.Amazon.com.

Wacoal bra is considered the best in women’s lingerie according to www.SheFinds.org. The fit, comfort and style are considered the best among all other bras. Gap also has its own line of bras. Playtex bra was made popular by its 18-Hour Bra and Thank Goodness It Fits Bra designs. They are truly functional bras but said to be not so pretty when it comes to their designs. They retail at about $27. Lilly of France may not be a world-renowned brand but “it looks good and is reasonably priced.” Hanes Her Way bras are budget-friendly but they may not be as durable for something that costs under ten dollars.

PeteLeading Brands in Bras