Life Is A Beach Cartridge By Provocraft

The Life is a Beach Cricut Cartridge reminds the user of carefree days at the beach, playing in the sand and enjoying friends and family.

That’s likely what the creators of this Cricut cartridge had in mind. The designers, Rob & Bob (From Rob & Bob Studio), are known for their whimsical, colorful designs that usually include an element of fun. All the cartridges that they design all able to work with all the cutting machines, including the Cricut Expression machine.

This Cricut cartridge includes a number of designs that fit the theme of the cartridge. For images, this includes whales, dolphins, lifeguard stations, beach umbrellas, lighthouses, and sea flora and fauna. Other images include swim trunks, lobsters, a treasure chest and even a hand making the “hang ten” sign.

The Life is a Beach Cricut cartridge also includes a lettering font that has a bit of a Hawaiian feel, with the letters appearing to have been made out of sticks, or perhaps bamboo. The design gives the letters a casual, relaxed feel, perfect for creating that sunny, relaxed feel of the beach.

There are any number of applications that would be ideal for the Life is a Beach Cricut cartridge. Of course, scrapbook pages top the list, as this cartridge is a must-have for anyone looking to scrapbook pictures of a beach vacation or day at the beach. But there are other, less obvious, applications.

Some crafters might like to use the cartridge to create images and lettering for “treasure” boxes for a pirate or beach-themed birthday party. Thank you cards could be crafted from the font and images, and the cards could be used to thank a host for a beach getaway.

The advanced crafter might want to use this cartridge to make shaker boxes with the images, or even craft wall art for a child’s beach-themed room or bathroom.

Cricut offers many interesting and unique cartridges for the novice to advanced crafter. Cricut Life is a Beach Cartridge is one that all crafters can use in some fashion.

PeteLife Is A Beach Cartridge By Provocraft