Lifting a Car With a 2 Post Lift

When the standard car jack is not enough, many mechanics trust in the 2 post garage lift to safely raise a vehicle. The lift provides an open and easy approach to the underside of the vehicle. The sturdy construction makes them great for shops and garages at work or home. Controls are simple and require little more than the push of a button, hydraulic pistons take care of the rest. The support lift is designed to withstand extended use and require only simple maintenance.

Instillation is a breeze as many kits are available based on your needs. Starting around $1,000, these kits come carefully packaged with two support pillars with built in sliding arm posts, the control panel, hydraulic pump, and fluid lines. Simply unpack the pieces, assemble the support beams securely and plug in the control panel and hydraulic pump.

It only takes about 1-2 minutes to raise the posts to their full height, but they can be lowered to accommodate lower heights as well. When pressed, the lift button sends a signal to the hydraulic pump, causing it to apply pressure to pistons housed inside. These pistons move in and out whether the lift is moving up or down. Fluid lines feed liquid, typically oil, to the pistons creating pressure to move the pistons.

Electricity is required to power the hydraulics, but average home users will find the price negligible as it is only needed when the hydraulics are activated. These pumps are known worldwide for their safety and strength. The standard posts are designed to hold up to seven thousand pounds, with higher priced models supporting larger loads. These heavy duty lifts average around $3,000, and are great for vans, trucks, or large SUV’s.

A good 2 post lift is great for mechanics, and their low price makes them affordable for home mechanics as well. A proven safety record, reliable sturdy construction, and easy to use controls mean you will have the most available access under your vehicle, at a low cost to your wallet and time.

PeteLifting a Car With a 2 Post Lift