Look For a Used Vexilar for Sale to Help You in Ice fishing

Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish through an opening in the ice on frozen bodies of water. It is a very popular sport in northern countries like Canada, Finland, Russia and other countries where such frozen conditions persist for a long time. An ice fisher needs ice fishing equipment like an ice saw and fishing tackle, spears and the latest in technology, the flasher. This is a sonar system that provides information on depth and the presence of other objects like fish in the water.

Vexilar has been in the business of making electronics gadgets for fishermen since the year 1960. Their initial models indicated depth and gave fishermen warning of shallow depth that can ground their boats. They have models that they first started with and which are still in production. Anyway if you are buying a used or reconditioned Vexilar it definitely cannot be older than the age of the company. Ice fishing flashers from Vexilar still rule the market.

The company itself sells reconditioned models as most of their models are hardy enough to stand decades of use. So if you are a new ice fisher and are looking for ice fishing gear you can save yourself some money and buy a used Vexilar. Most of these units sell at about 75 percent of the original price, though prices that are at 50 percent are not unknown. Most people trade in the baseline models and upgrade to a higher end model.

A Vexilar for sale can be easily located on the net and through the many fishing forums. Other equipment that Vexilar Makes and may interest ice fishermen are the electronic depth finder that can gauge the depth of the water through the ice and allow a fisherman to choose a spot that he thinks has enough water for fishing. The flasher which is Vexilar’s staple measures depth and also indicates the presence of fish.

You can also get more sophisticated with underwater cameras, GPS systems and two way radios to take ice fishing to its ultimate in sporting.

PeteLook For a Used Vexilar for Sale to Help You in Ice fishing