MAC Makeup Tips For The Everyday Woman

If you haven’t heard of MAC Cosmetics then you are missing out on a great product that is great for your skin. You can have great looking skin as well with their fabulous skin care line. Here are some popular MAC makeup tips that you can use for yourself at home.

It’s all in the skin and MAC knows it. Having a good base is essential and their skin care line is good to use to compliment their products. Make sure you begin your make up regimen with clean skin and use moisturizer before applying any foundation. Make sure you clean your face at night too and use a night cream.

Next you apply your cosmetics, here are a few makeup tips to help you achieve the appropriate look for your occasion:

First, comes foundation. Matching your foundation with your skin tone is the key to looking good. You don’t want to fight your natural tone but enhance it with makeup. You also want it to look natural. It should be a foundation that enhances your skin tone and makes you look good.

Using translucent powder can seal your foundation and using a brow definer finishes the look of a great face. Then you can choose what type of look you want for the day. Do you want a natural fresh face, an everyday look or a dramatic evening look to go out on the town?

Your eyes are going to define the look you are going for. Choosing colors that are natural will give you that look and others a more defined look. Creating a smoky look gives you eyes a dramatic flair and a subtle shocking beauty.

No face is finished until your lips have color. Adding a color that in complimentary to your makeup and not your clothing will give you a finish on your face where it needs to match. You can have a great look on every part of your face and then come to a dead end with your lips. Choose a variety of styles from matte to glossy to complete your beautiful face.

PeteMAC Makeup Tips For The Everyday Woman