Male’s Promise Rings

Centuries ago, rings were used to symbolize an agreement or a promise. During ancient times, promise rings were given to officials of the church to show their promise and commitment to GOD. During the 1500’s people would exchange rings to symbolize love and friendship. Promise rings remind couples that they have made a promise to be faithful to one another and one day marry each other. For years, promise rings has been given to females only, but now the trend is beginning to shift and men are receiving promise rings as well.

These rings are usually made of titanium or other types of heavy duty metals because they are made for everyday use. Males attend work and do a hundred of other tasks with their hands; this ring must be able to withstand daily wear and tear. Mens promise rings come in a variety of styles and precious metals such as platinum, gold, sterling silver, and other materials. Some men’s promise rings are hand painted others machine cut or made. Most men’s titanium promise rings engraved inside or outside or both, with a personal message from the person giving the ring. Unlike engagement rings, this ring is fashionable on either the right or left hand and on any finger, including the thumb.

Despite the shift in men receiving promise rings, these rings are largely unpopular among men. Men view the promise ring as an engagement ring. Putting the ring on is like taking yourself off the marketed. The bottom line is that many men are not trying take themselves off the market, so getting them to wear a promise ring is like trying to feed a five-year-old vegetable. In the end the child is going to end up feeding the dog the vegetables, in other words you are left holding a loose fitting ring you cannot return. There are still some good men willing to take themselves off the market and wear mens promise rings.

PeteMale’s Promise Rings