Manele music like an auction and dancing when dating

General issues
Some people believe that everyone should hear only some music genres that are in accordance with their opinions and their musical tastes. Specifically, such people are against other types of music and believe that others should be also like them.
Such a musical genre that they do not accept is “manele”.
What is this music about anyway?
“Manele” is a combination of Turkish music mixed with Serbian and Roma music.
Why we, the rest of people, should not enjoy this music? Has the music inappropriate lyrics? Are there problems from melodious perspective?
None of that.
The lyrics are generally about stories of love, disappointment in love, very little aggressive as language.
As regards the musical line, the rhythm does not break nor presents major changes.
And then? Why such music is not accepted by a particular part of the audience?
I am talking about an audience from a specific country in the Europe where this music was born (Romania). There are some people reluctant to accept such music in that country.
Wedding parties or dating
One could say that within a certain limit there should not be discussed the tastes of each person.
Others disagree with the above-mentioned point of view.
There is a general opinion that nobody should be against such music, nor to accept it in any condition.

However, if played at weddings for example, that means there is a general agreement to allow it because it is funny and entertaining.

Also, when dating the lady is expected somehow to dance in “manele” style.

Like an auction

There is a habit that when a good singer of manele is doing his show, audience to hand over cash to the singer, in this way expressing the appreciation. It’s like an auction, because other fans follow with increased money in cash flowing to the singer.

For those who do not know how is this music about here it is a little sample to hear and understand:
A new music genre – watch some videos here

PeteManele music like an auction and dancing when dating