Matching Your Dress Suit

If you’re wearing a suit, pairing it with a perfectly matching tie creates a sleek and strong business and fashion image. Of course, you have to know the secret of creating the perfect match. There are certain rules on matching your dress suit with the appropriate tie color or pattern but once you get the hang of it, whether you’re wearing a white suit, a black suit or otherwise, it will just be a breeze and going to any business function or formal affair will both be an important and fun experience.

The first thing to consider in choosing a tie is the kind of suit you’re wearing. Place your dress suit on a flat surface like a bed or folding table so you’ll have a better view of your clothes and it will be easier to mix and match it with the number of ties that you have.

Your shirt underneath should also coordinate with your suit. Whether you choose a solid, pastel or even patterned shirt, it should contrast with the suit perfectly so that your whole ensemble stands out with a strong and unique character reflective of your own.

If you choose a solid-colored shirt to wear beneath your suit, choose a solid-colored tie as well that has the same color as your shirt and suit. You can never go wrong in a one-tone, all-solid look. It’s a symbol of classic style and elegance. But if you want more color and variety in your get up, choose opposite yet complementing colors. A yellow tie on a blue suit and matching blue shirt for example is a fresh alternative to an otherwise too somber-looking outfit. Have fun with the color wheel. Express your individuality as long as you look appropriate for the occasion and not like a clown in a circus.

A white suit is a “canvas” for all tie colors and patterns. Depending on the occasion or your sense of fashion, you can choose bold and bright colors or even a tie with funky and psychedelic patterns to represent your equally unique personality.

If your dress suit is designed with chalk stripes, your choice in tie color is a critical factor. It’s best to match the color of the stripes with your tie for a strong and formal image. Make sure your shirt underneath also matches with your suit and tie.

If you choose to wear a patterned shirt underneath your suit, choose a tie color of the same predominant shade as your shirt. Whether you choose the same or opposite color in your shirt and tie to match with your suit, it should always create a complementing look to your whole ensemble to achieve that sleek and strong image reflective of all dress suits.

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