Modern pallet jacks

Buying a new electric pallet jack can greatly increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Modern materials handling equipment can be costly to acquire new. If you cannot afford new equipment, you may want to consider buying used or refurbished equipment. This can be a good option if you wish to save costs, while still having the ability to upgrade your equipment. Upgrading your equipment is essential, if you wish to maintain efficiency and maximize inventory turnover in your warehouse. This also allows you to reduce the number of staff you have as well.

You can purchase used forklift trucks and pallet jacks over the Internet if you are looking to save the most amount of money. Your local dealership may not be the right choice if you live in smaller cities. When you are looking at used equipment, be sure to ask for the preventative maintenance manual. You want to make sure that the unit was taking care of by their previous owners. Avoid purchasing used equipment if it does not have service records, as that can be a red flag. This can be an indication that the previous owner may not have properly performed essential maintenance tasks. You can also call the factory, to see if they might have service records for that particular piece of machinery as well.

Pallet jacks go through a lot of wear and tear in their daily use. It is normal for these machines to get beat up, have scratched paint etc. Do not be too concerned with the overall physical exterior, as long as the mechanical components are solid. Check for things such as proper servicing of the hydraulic unit. If the pallet jack wheels are worn out, they can easily be replaced by purchasing pallet jack parts online. Do not risk life or injury, by neglecting basic maintenance tasks.

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