Money Stock Images Can Help Make You Money

I’m a photographer. I have a day job as a teacher and an after hours job as a photographer. You might think I’d become burnt out from all the long hours of teaching, but photography is my hobby; I just happen to make money from it.

I like to photograph all kinds of things, especially money. I like to photograph money coming out of a slot machine, money raining down on a business man, a torn dollar on the street. I’ve sold a few pictures to friends who are business owners, but I didn’t expect to sell more than that. Then I learned about selling stock images online. There are stock photo websites that will advertise your photo and charge you a little money each time your photograph sells.

Before I submitted pictures to one of sites, I wanted to find out what kind of cool stock images were the best sellers in the money category. I searched the 40 most downloaded money stock images and found that calculators lying on top of a stock sheet were ranked high. Each picture had a fancy pen next to the calculator. Another key picture was one where dollar bills were falling down on a young business man who looked dapper in a black suit.

I had a great picture of an attractive older businessman reaching toward the sky while laughing and grabbing dollar bills. I wasn’t sure if the stock image company was interested in having a picture of an older gentleman but they were! It’s quite a big seller and I bring in a continuous stream of income just from that one picture!

If you like to take photographs and would like to sell them, but don’t want to open up a store front or sell them at street fairs, check out selling your photographs with stock image companies.

PeteMoney Stock Images Can Help Make You Money