Natural Ingredients for After Sun Care

In the past, sun care is not a popular aspect of skincare. As people know more about the skin damages caused by UV radiations. In recent years, the importance of after sun after is known by more and more people. Proper after sun care helps reduce significant UV damages to skin.

There are both chemical and natural ingredients for sun care. Natural ones including Aleo Vera, Lavender, Cucumber and Chamomile may not be less effective than the chemical ones.

Aleo vera is very famous for its soothing and moisturizing properties. In fact, it is also a good after sun care ingredient. Aleo vera is originated in Africa. Aleo is a kind of medicine in Egypt 3,000 years ago. Aleo Vera immediately calms irritation and sun burn and reduces inflammation. Because of the increasing popularity of organic and natural skincare products, Aleo Vera becomes widely used for skincare purpose.

Other than Aleo Vera, Lavender is also a good soothing ingredient. Lavender’s soothing and calming properties were first discovered by the father of aromatherapy, René-Maurice Gattefossé. René-Maurice Gattefossé poured Lavender essential oil onto his burnt wound and discovered its miraculous soothing and calming properties. Nowadays, Lavender essential oil is widely used to reduce inflammation, calm skin, control excessive sebum secretion and reduce scar pigmentation.

Cucumber is a common vegetable for salad and many other dishes. In fact, this inexpensive vegetable provides great values in after sun care. Cucumber extracts are good sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterol and curbitacin. Because of the moisture maintaining property of amino acid, cucumber extracts are widely used in moisturizing skincare products.

Chamomile is less common and known compared to Aleo Vera, Lavender and Cucumber, but it is also a good after sun care ingredient. Chamomile has a long medical history in ancient Egypt. It is also an offering to the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. Chamomile. The Alpha Bisabolol contained in Chamomile is effective in reducing allergy and inflammation and fight bacteria. In addition, as Alpha Bisabolol is proved for its anti-wrinkle and anti-acne functions, Chamomile is also included in acne products.

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