Need new juicer parts?

Many people enjoy making fruit and vegetable juices at home because it is a great way to naturally supplement the diet. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are generally made using electric juicer machines, ranging from cheap department store models, to large and expensive masticating juicers that in reality act as all in one health food processor machines.

Whichever type of juicer machine you use, you probably understand that at some point you will experience parts either wearing out, or breaking unexpectedly. This isn’t something to panic about – all electrical gadgets eventually fail, but the question we need to ask is whether or not it is worth repairing and replacing individual juicer parts, or more feasible to simply replace the whole machine with a new one.

To be fair, many of the kitchen gadgets available nowadays are not designed to be repaired. The downside of having many different and highly affordable machines available to buy is that build quality and design suffer, and where machines would once have been easily fixed, some manufacturers are not even producing spare parts any more. It is safe to say that if your juicer cost less than $100 and is more than one year old, you are better off simply buying a new one. This is a sad fact of life, but you are better off cutting your losses and simply buying a new machine than throwing money at something which is only likely to break again.

However, the case may be that you own an expensive high-quality juicer which you do not want to have to replace. This being the case, repair and replacement is a good option. The first thing you need to do is identify the juicer parts which have broken or worn out. In order to obtain new ones that match, you need to identify the serial number on the offending component. Most plastic or metal parts will have a serial number stamped into them somewhere, this is usually a 6 – 10 digit number. Once you have found this number, you can approach a dealer or manufacturer and ask them for a replacement quote.

In some cases you may not be able to find a part number. An alternative is to take a digital photograph and e-mail this to a dealer or supplier. A technician who deals with these machines will be quickly able to identify the part, and advise you what you need.

A brief bit of advice on buying parts is to avoid buying from your original dealer or supplier. Like used car replacement parts, new parts for old kitchen machines can be horrendously overpriced from these dealers. A better option is to buy from online stores, who will often sell discount juicer parts at a fraction of the retail cost.

PeteNeed new juicer parts?