No More Cellulite With the Proper Exercise

Exercise reduces cellulite by eliminating fat and increasing muscle. Fat is soft and lumpy, and tends to bulge outwards under the skin. In contrast, muscle is firm and smooth, and gives the body a shapely appearance. Cellulite begins when there is too much fat over a small foundation of muscle.

Many women do not know about this balance between muscle and fat. As a result, when they do go on a cellulite removal and exercise program, they concentrate purely on eliminating fat. Sadly, such a sole focus on weight loss can actually make the cellulite look even worse by also causing a loss of muscle. These women should in actual fact concentrate more on lifting weights to build strong, lean muscle.

Weight lifting as an anti-cellulite remedy is backed by research and many people think that it is the best cellulite removal treatment available. In one study, 70 per cent of women found that strength training made major changes to their cellulite. The remainder of the women reported a change in the appearance of their cellulite but at more moderate levels.

Probably the best known cellulite exercise program was developed by Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Mass., and co-author of “No More Cellulite”. His program consists of 20 minutes of weight training, 20 minutes of cardio exercise and stretching.

The weight training concentrates on exercises that work the hips, butt and legs. This includes leg extensions and leg press. After each exercise, the participant stretches the muscles that have been worked. Following 20 minutes of lifting, the trainee then does 20 minutes of jogging, walking or treadmill running. This program is repeated 3 times per week and results are usually seen in 8 weeks. Further results can be seen when a sensible diet program.

An exercise program doesn’t have to be complicated and you can design your own provided that you stick to the core principles of building muscle and trimming fat. It’s important to stick with a program in the longer term and not to give up too early due to becoming lazy or not seeing results as quickly as you thought you’d be.

PeteNo More Cellulite With the Proper Exercise