Northern Pike Fishing Strategies

There are many different strategies that can be used to fish for northern pike, and some of these strategies are going to vary naturally based also on what style of fishing takes place.  Trolling for pike using rapalas, casing around shore from a boat, and fly fishing are all going to involve wildly different strategies from one another.  Because of this, to get effective northern pike fishing tips, you will need to first know what type of fishing you’re going to be doing to chase those trophy pike.

One strategy for going after really large pike is to stay 20 to 40 feet further off shore than you would normally.  The reason for this is that while small and medium sized pike can be found all through these popular shore areas, pike are ambush predators.  The small and medium pike like the small bait that can be found throughout the weed beds.  Bigger pike want bigger meals, so they stay even further out and ambush the small and middle sized fish for a bigger meal.  Understanding this habit can help you to understand how to fish for trophy sized pike and what strategies will help you snag one.

Another strategy is to simply annoy the pike into striking.  This might sound funny at first, but as many freshwater anglers know, pike are extremely territorial and can be goaded into striking a lure because of noise, movement, or blinking lights.  Because of this, as strange as it sounds, a good pike fishing tip is to choose lures that will simply annoy a pike into striking.

These might sound like two simple strategies for fishing for pike, but they’re strategies that aren’t used often enough and that’s why even with super aggressive fish like the predatory northern pike, many anglers never catch that trophy sized fish they’ve been dreaming of.

PeteNorthern Pike Fishing Strategies